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    Spirit has cost effective services for the telecommunications industry that can help you expand customer revenue and increase profitability.

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Spirit has cost-effective services for the telecommunications industry that can provide the opportunities to expand customer revenue and increase profitability. Our wholesale rates are very competitive and oure Internet product suite provides all of the tools needed to maintain a full range of Web services and add revenue per customer.

No One Else Can Match Spirit Wholesale!

Spirit Communications Wholesale offers direct data transport services by utilizing PalmettoNet, a Spirit Communications Company, which has an enormous fiber footprint in the Southeast. We can provide what no other company can when it comes to providing IP bandwidth and fiber to your locations. Many companies give you the opportunity to buy IP bandwidth but don't have the resources when it comes to owning the fiber in the ground. PalmettoNet allows Spirit to provide bandwidth over fiber at a cost that is unmatchable no matter what your customers bandwidth needs are.

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Customer Service Tailored To You

Melanie Martin, Wholesale Account Manager, works directly with you and PalmettoNet to provide the great customer service that you rely on in the telecommunications industry. No matter what, Melanie looks out for you and is a great representative of Spirit's motto: Customer's First. 


Spirit Communications has proven to be an effective partner to boost profits and broaden product offerings for incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) as well as competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs).
Hosted IP - We have 180 POPS serving thousands of fiber-fed locations.
Long Distance - Our toll free long distance is available in both toll free service and personal toll free PIN platforms with free setup and provisioning of our basic toll free service.
SS7 - Spirit is a full-service provider of nationwide Signaling System 7 (SS7) and Intelligent Network/Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) database services. We provide local, regional, national and international Signaling System 7 capability. 
Conferencing - Spirit-on-Demand is a reservation-less conferencing service that supplies a personal 800 dial-in access number and access code for setting up calls anytime, anywhere, on any phone.
Audio - Whether you want to talk with several members of your business team or consult with prospective customers, Spirit Communication's On-Demand Audio Conferencing service brings you all together...quickly and easily.
Web - Spirit's On–Demand Web Conferencing service adds the impact of dynamic content and multimedia presentations to your audio conferences–anywhere, anytime, with anyone.
Technical Support – Our U.S. based Internet technicians help your customers with access and application issues any time of the day or night, every day of the year.
Spam & Virus Blocking – When you open an account with us, you will automatically have all your e-mail messages scanned for spam and viruses that may be attached.
Domain Registration Services - We operate an internationally accredited Domain Name Registrar for the purpose of registering Domain Names.
Web & Email Hosting - Our Web Services department provides numerous hosting plans, along with the option of Windows or Linux hosting platforms, Email only plans, and Website Builder plans. 

For More Information, Please Contact:

Melanie Martin
Wholesale Account Manager
Joe Delaney
Director of Carrier and Wholesale Sales

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