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    Spirit Communications provides voice and Internet services to state government agencies and municipal governments.

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Spirit Communications is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier focused on providing unsurpassed long distance, local services, Internet, private line, Ethernet and Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) services to businesses, governments, wholesale customers, and our shareholder companies. We have proven we can deliver these services with accurate comprehensive billing, reporting and responsive trouble management.

Current Contracts Held

VOIP, Call Center and IVR Services (Lots 1, 2 & 3) 2008 - 2022
Switched Long Distance Services 1998 - 2022
MPLS State Term Contract (Lots 3, 4 & 5 as well as partner on Lots 1 & 2) 1996 - 2019
Internet Services (Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) 1999 - 2021
Statewide Local Services 1995 - 2022
K12 Dark Fiber 2011 - 2022
SC LightRail 2008 - 2025


Local Telephone Service

  • 1FB
  • DID
  • T1
  • ISDN


Long Distance Telephone Service

  • Long Distance
  • Toll Free
  • Conferencing


Hosted IP Telephony

  • Basic Seat
  • Voice Mail
  • EC500
  • Contact Centers
  • IP Phone & Accessories
  • SIP Trunking


Legacy PBX Telephone Services

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Voice Mail
  • EC500
  • Call Centers




  • Ethernet
  • Private Line
  • MPLS/Co-location
  • Dark Fiber



Dedicated Internet Access

  • State, County & Local Government Entities
  • Public Colleges & Universities
  • K12 Libraries


Spirit Communications currently provides voice, data and Internet connections to over 1,200 educational facilities throughout 9 states. Our flexible solutions enable Spirit to provide all levels of service from one-location private schools to multi-location Colleges and Universities. Spirit fiber has been built to provide access to many schools that are in rural areas that would not be serviceable by any other company; allowing the schools to get all the advantages that most inner city schools receive. See how Spirit Communications is working with PRTC to bring high-speed Internet to rural schools in Charleston, SC. 

Educational facilities are utilizing technological advances to better support their student's needs and Spirit Communications can provide the large bandwidth required to access these tools with our expansion of Spirit fiber across the Mid-Atlantic.


Hosted Firewall that allows the use of a secured network with the ability to block access to certain sites limiting the ease of distraction. This also aids in complying with security requirements, maintaining student's online privacy, keeping campus data secure and ensuring confidentiality of student education.

A Private Routed Network that is flexible, reliable and secure. Run SIS (Student Information Systems) and AIS (Academic Information Systems) with ease and no latency with enough bandwidth that your students can utilize and make a difference in their education. Streaming video and downloading documents from the web will happen in real time, creating a seamless interaction with your students and their next lesson.

Hosted Voice Applications give you the flexibility and control you want and the quality of service you can rely on. Seamless expansion is added when needed and you get access to Hosted Voice Applications, HD Voice quality for unmatchable Audio & Web Conferencing and a MobileVoice application that can keep your staff in touch at all times.

IP Phones & Accessories that give you features that you need to succeed in the classroom. We have phones that tailor to your educational needs. 

A Network Operations Center where our experienced and certified networking professionals are available and monitoring your services 24/7/365. They are usually aware of an issue to your network before you are. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU... AND WE MEAN IT!



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Spirit Communications, Seth Krisnow, talks about how Spirit and its' partner PRTC is helping bring high-speed Internet to Baptist Hill School in Charleston, SC. Fast forward to the 18:13 mark to see Spirit Communications coverage.


Spirit Communications offers a dedicated Government Account Team centrally located in Columbia, South Carolina. This is a tenured core team and the members bring a wealth of experience to support Spirit’s Government customers. 


Lynn Fralick, Manager – Government Accounts 20 Years
Lesa Caldwell – Account Analyst  18 Years
Seth Krisnow – Technical Consultant 7 Years
Mary Brooks – Senior Government Account Consultant 7 Years
Kirk Hudgens – Account Executive I 5 Years


Martie Willaby
Vice President of Carrier, Wholesale and Government Sales


Lynn Fralick
Manager of Government Sales


Lesa Caldwell
Government Account Analyst


Seth Krisnow
Technical Consultant II


Mary Brooks
Senior Government Account Consultant


Kirk Hudgens
Account Executive I

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