Palmetto State Providers Network

A direct contact to help with understanding the resources available to you

What is PSPN?

PSPN is the consortium in which helps you apply to get funding from the FCC’s Healthcare Connect Fund. In-order for a provider to receive funding they must become a member of the PSPN consortium. As a member, the qualifying provider is then eligible to apply for funding.  PSPN has dedicated reps to help aid providers in the financing process as well as guiding them through learning about telehealth and telemedicine products and services.

Who is eligible to become a member of PSPN?

Participation in PSPN is exclusive to the healthcare and public safety industries. Application providers associated with healthcare are also eligible to apply for funding to connect to the network in-order to serve participating locations. Members are required to abide by certain network policies to ensure the integrity and security of patient and provider data.

what are the benefits of the PSPN?

  • Provides aid in getting federal funding
  • A direct contact to help with understanding the resources available to you
  • Allows Rural and Urban sites to be eligible for funding, urban sites are not eligible for funding otherwise

Become A Member of the PSPN

To become a member of the PSPN, call or email us today. We’ll explain available federal funding, eligibility and answer IT or implementation questions. Then, we’ll create and present a customized solution for your healthcare facility.

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