Spirit Healthcare Network

SHN is a private, exclusive, fiber-optic network that was built to connect key healthcare facilities to the Internet, and each other.

Where did the SNH come from?

The Spirit Healthcare Network (SHN) was created as an effort to extend the already established Palmetto State Providers Network (PSPN), to help extend the network to additional healthcare providers and further telehealth and telemedicine capabilities in the Carolinas.  PSPN was formed as a collective effort between Spirit and SCANA Communications, SCI, and with the acquisition of SCI in February of 2015, Spirit became the sole owner of the network.

In efforts to be the complete communications choice, Spirit is helping current and future healthcare providers on the Spirit Healthcare Network to convert their voice and data traffic as well as their Internet needs, while educating them on all the capabilities of SHN.

Who has access to the SHN?

Hospitals, Clinics, physician groups, radiologist, insurance agencies and application service providers make up the current and potential customer base that will have access to SHN.

What does SHN mean for rural
healthcare providers?

Spirit Healthcare Network transforms the way in which Rural Healthcare Providers serve their patients. With unreliable, slow, unsecure public Internet access, these providers are severely limiting the resources available to them, in turn drastically impacting the quality of service they’re able to offer.

Is there funding available?

Yes. The funding available for the rural healthcare providers, by becoming a member of PSPN, makes these technological advances and enhanced access a reality.  Some locations may be eligible for funding that pays up to 65% of their costs to connect to SHN.

Do YOU have to qualify for funding in order to receive the benefits of the SHN?

No. Any healthcare provider can join the SHN and receive the many products and services available over the private and secure fiber-optic network dedicated specifically for healthcare providers.

How is it different for healthcare

The Spirit Healthcare Network provides a secure, high-performance platform for important healthcare initiatives such as telemedicine, imaging transfers and electronic health and medical records. The bandwidth provided by SHN supports high-definition video conferencing, telemedicine, rapid transfer of medical images, and electronic health and medical records, as well as helping to ensure providers are HIPAA compatible.  

In addition to connecting key healthcare facilities, it gives them access to academic centers, hosted electronic medical records, data centers, clinical consultants and educational resources.

Benefits of the SHN


LTE Secure Access

Backed by the nation’s largest 4G/LTE wireless network. SHN is the only provider to offer a seamless failover solution to support & safeguard all of your traffic - Voice, Data, & Internet.

Network Monitoring

Always on-call, Carolina-based Network Operations Center managed & monitored locally, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Always Connected

Fully redundant network core & backup routes. Spirit Unity offers Instant Messaging & Presence, Instant Voicemail, Desktop & File Sharing, Video Collaboration, Meet-Me Conferencing.


HIPAA Compliant

The only network specifically dedicated to healthcare providers to help ensure you are HIPAA compliant.

DDOS Protection

Volumetric DDoS protection, before traffic reaches your network, to stop threats from causing outages or service degradation.

Hosted Firewall

Secure portal, security alerting, logging & reporting, and real-time, network-based anti-virus & malware.



The Carolina’s and Southeast’s Premier Provider. Owns & operates largest digital fiber-optic network through NC, SC, and GA.

Trusted Provider

Since 1996 the state of SC has entrusted their voice, data, & Internet with Spirit, relying on their secure, reliable network to keep them connected.

Extensive Network

Over 9,000 miles of fiber enabling rapid transfer of imaging & electronic medical records, access to e-presentations, image transfer/storage, disaster recovery & accounting/billing application.

Join the Spirit Healthcare Network

To join the SHN, call or email us today. We’ll explain available federal funding, eligibility and answer IT or implementation questions. Then, we’ll create and present a customized solution for your healthcare facility.

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Spirit Healthcare Network and PSPN Member Services

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