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Fiber. Tower. Network.

In Alliance with Spirit’s Member Owner Companies, we provide a single point of contact for tower services. But we’re more than just a tower. In unifying our own extensive fiber backbone with that of our independent telephone company owners, we have the ability to construct, operate, sell and manage a full suite of carrier services including tower collocation and green field tower development.

Spirit Communications is owned by 10 independent telephone companies and cooperatives in South Carolina, whose development and consistency represent the history of telecommunications in the Southeast


Our Coverage

Spirit's coverage consists of 335 towers that span from Northern Tennessee to North Carolina and continues through South Carolina and into Georgia. Of Spirit's towers, 322 reside in South Carolina, making Spirit a premier player for cell tower coverage in the Southeast. 

With plans for development and aggressive built-to-suit pricing, Spirit is looking to grow substantially thru NC and GA over the next few years.

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Interested in Collocation on our towers?

With our tower locations you will find that we have the Carolinas covered. 

> Click here to download our Collocation Application


Take our tower location database and see how we can help grow your network.

This database covers all 335 tower locations, whch includes our site name, tower ID, geospatial data and specifics on what type of tower it is.

> Click here to download our Tower Database 

For More Information, Please Contact:

Tom Chambers
Spirit Towers Manager
Joe Delaney
Director of Wholesale and Carrier Sales
Martie Willaby
Vice President of Carrier, Wholesale and Government Sales

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