Hello and Welcome to Spirit Communications!

If you're trying to reach SCANA Communications website, you are being redirected to Spirit Communications because as of 2/20/2015 Spirit Communications will be taking over all of SCANA Communications' customers and service areas in South Carolina. 

Spirit Commuincations welcomes you to the Spirit Communications family and we look forward to providing you an easy and effortless transition to our company. Rest assured nothing will change with your voice, data and/or Internet service in the transition from Scana to Spirit, you will however see a difference in invoices as noted below.

New Invoice Look and Feel

1. Logo will now be Spirit Communications' official logo

2. Account Number was XYZ and will now be 123 (different per account)

3. Remittance Address will now be:

      Spirit Communications
      P.O. Box 603030
      Charlotte, N.C. 28260-3223
4. Product names may be slightly different. For example, if you received two invoices a product may have been identified on one invoice as (2) Fiber Strands and Dark Fiber (2) on another. Product names will be unified across all invoices.
5. The first page of the invoice will contain important information, such as, Account Number, Invoice Number, Due Date, Previous Balance, Payments Received, Balance Forward, Summary of Charges By Product Category, Total Current Charges and Total Amount Due. Details supporting these charges will be on the following page.
For any questions or concerns please contact Spirit Communications at 1-800-686-7671. 
     - Press 1 for Credit Card Payments
     - Press 2 for Service Interruptions or Technical Difficulties
     - Press 3 for Billing Inquiries
     - Press 4 for Service Changes or Updates

Quick Contact Listings

Customer Care and Order Entry  

Toll Free Number: 1.800.686.7671                              

 Phone Number: 803.726.7989

 Email: Customercare@spiritcom.com


Call Our NOC To Report A Service Problem

Customer Network Operations Center: 1.888.864.7226


eSpirit System and Billing Operations

Toll Free Number: 1.800.686.7671    Press Option 3


Sales Inquiries

Renee Van Coutren

Phone Number: 803-726-7000

Email: Renee.vancoutren@spiritcom.com


Please feel free to navigate through our website to become more familar with our products and services. Click Home to go to our home page or use any of the navigation on the bottom or top of this web page to move throughout our site. Our Contact Us page will also give you a full list of contact information should you navigate away from this page and need further assistance. 


Welcome Guide                                                  

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