• Spirit LTE Secure Access

    Spirit LTE Secure Access is a powerful add-on service that is ideal as a failover solution for your primary network.

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    Spirit Fiber provides the bandwidth that your business demands with a price that your company needs to succeed.

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Data Solutions

Spirit lights up the region with 8,500 route miles of our fiber-optic Ethernet and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to simplify the delivery of Voice, Data and Internet services. Our network is perfectly suited for organizations with multiple offices and offices with a mixed set of platforms.

Ensure your business doesn't go down - ever.

Spirit LTE Secure Access is a powerful add-on service that is ideal as a failover solution for your primary network, or as a mechanism to extend your MPLS network to remote locations.

Key Features of Spirit LTE Secure Access are:

  • Supports voice, data and Internet communications

  • Suitable as a backup failover solution or as an MPLS extension to remote offices

  • ‘Always on’ seamless failover with managed Layer 2 delivery

  • Flexible design – supports MPLS, Private Line or Internet connections

  • Affordable, easy and fast to deploy – uses customers’ private IP spaces over Spirit’s wireless backup network

  • High availability supported by a lightning-fast nationwide wireless 4G/LTE Network

  • 24/7/365 service from Spirit’s Network Operations Center

  • Mobile Network Mobility that delivers any-site-to-any-site connectivity


With Spirit’s MPLS solution, your information never touches the public Internet.

Everything remains on our private fiber-based Carolina network ensuring your data’s security and privacy. We guarantee that your proprietary, sensitive data is fully protected and inaccessible beyond the origination and destination points.

And with our fully redundant network core, you can be confident of the following: 

  • Your data gets to its destination – always

  • A highly scalable, cost-effective connectivity that can grow with your business

  • All of your locations are tied together, enabling a converged private network for voice, data, and video

  • You and your employees can take full advantage of seamless, secure connectivity and business continuity anywhere, anytime

  • You can access mission critical applications, voice (VoIP), video, conferencing, and share Intranets/Extranets whenever and wherever needed


Spirit Communications is a full-service provider of SS7 and AIN database services for the telecommunications industry. 

Our SS7 network is designed to meet the specific needs and service concerns of ILEC, CLEC and wireless communication companies with the flexibility and responsiveness to succeed in today’s marketplace.

We provide: 

  • Local, regional, national and international Signaling System 7 capability.

  • World-class SS7 and AIN database services

  • A network that exceeds the highest industry standards for SS7 networks as mandated by Telcordia and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

  • Technicians who keep abreast of new and evolving technology and pass the benefits along to you.


We can tailor a solution that will meet the demands of your business today with the flexibility and scalability to grow.

Benefits of Spirit's Transport Sevices

  • Bandwidth solutions are from 1.5MB to 10Gb

  • A dedicated, private and secure access

  • Connection that is reserved for your exclusive use for voice, data, video and multimedia

  • Our Internet solution assures the delivery of high-quality, high-speed connections to accommodate streaming audio and video and the transmission of large graphic and data files.


Spirit’s fully managed SD-WAN solution simplies branch office networking by providing security, fail-over, application prioritization, and diverse connectivity options.

Spirit’s SD-WAN offering serves as an augment to our MPLS service and allows our customers to bond primary, secondary, and tertiary local broadband, Internet, and wireless connections in order to create a highly available, cost effective, integrated network.



  • Simple Secure Network

  • Deliver Site Agility

  • Optimize Application Performance

  • Reduce Cost



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