• Spirit LTE Secure Access

    Spirit LTE Secure Access is a powerful add-on service that is ideal as a failover solution for your primary network.

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    Spirit Fiber provides the bandwidth that your business demands with a price that your company needs to succeed.

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Our Business By The Numbers



Data Solutions

Spirit lights up the region with over 20,000 route miles of our fiber-optic Ethernet and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to simplify the delivery of Voice, Data and Internet services. Our network is perfectly suited for organizations with multiple offices and offices with a mixed set of platforms.

Spirit’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) is based on a consumption based IT Service.

Spirit’s BaaS is a differentiated private cloud solution, housed in our enterprise grade data centers, and supported by our dedicated solution architects and support teams. In combination with our expansive On-Net fiber network, Spirit’s BaaS solution provides end-to-end security and reliability. In addition, the solution is technology agnostic, supporting multiple hypervisor types, enabling replication of any site and provides a comprehensive solution including indexing, change block tracking, deduplication, encryption and VM management. Further, our consumption based pricing model, billed monthly, ensures that the client only pays for what they need.


  • Enterprise Class Data Protection

  • Only pay for what you use

  • Capacity Planning

  • Platform Availability

  • Client-side De-duplication

  • Compression

  • Encryption on the Wire

  • Encryption at Rest

  • Multiple Portfolio Plans 

  • Backup Files

  • Windows and Linux Support

  • Active Directory Integration 

  • Data Security and Privacy

  • Data Portability and Orchestration

  • Native Connectivity to the cloud

  • Efficient data transfer 

  • Automated Cloud Workload creation



As an expansion of Spirit’s managed services platform, Spirit’s DRaaS solution recognizes and addresses the problems caused by unplanned and planned disruptions.

Spirit’s DRaaS is a differentiated private cloud solution, housed in our enterprise grade data center, and supported by our dedicated development and support team. Spirit’s DRaaS provides a robust feature set, long-term retention and continuous replication at the virtualization/hypervisor layer resulting in a high-performance disaster recovery and archival solution. In combination with Spirit’s expansive On-Net fiber network, the DRaaS solution provides end-to-end security and reliability. In addition, the solution is storage agnostic; supporting mixed hypervisors and ensuring replication of any data center or site including private cloud, public cloud, service provider or branch office.



  • Expansive On-Net fiber infrastructure

  • Competitive price points

  • Turnkey solution

  • Enterprise grade data center with dedicated development and support team

  • Experienced data center team adept at solving business continuity issues and ensuring compliance

  • Aggressive standard service levels with recovery point objectives (RPO) of seconds and recovery time objectives (RTO) of minutes

  • Easy management with simplified UI (3 click failover)

  • 99.99% solution availability

  • Flash storage  

  • Continuous hypervisor replication with block level replication capable across multiple sites with 14 days of checkpoints available

  • Seamless integration and non-disruptive testing

  • Quick installations without changing applications or storage configurations 

  • Full orchestration with automated failover, and failback with tier 3 support

  • Configurable protection options protecting only the VMs required

  • Cost effective solutions, allowing separation of storage and computing




Infrastructure as a Service combines compute and storage resources—including encrypted storage and flash—with intelligent software to create a seamless solution.

Our software-driven computing platform takes the data center headache out of customer managed server environments allowing them to focus on the deployment and functionality of their operating system and applications. The customer’s server equipment is replaced by the Spirit cloud equivalent providing them with a hardened, scalable, resilient, private, secure datacenter environment where they can build, scale and manage their software infrastructure.


What if a single infrastructure could:
  • Enable diverse set of enterprise applications
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Eliminate complexity
  • Increase application availability
  • Scale performance and capacity without disruption


  • Lower initial and ongoing cost
  • Multi-site replication options
  • Our solution is simple and cost effective 
  • We offer virtualization, hardware, storage and networking in our Cloud - always on and always available
  • Customer retains control of their environment with full access to powerful troubleshooting and analytics tools
  • From one virtual workload to 1000, Spirit’s IaaS solution is massively scalable and designed to meet your needs



Ensure your business doesn't go down - ever.

Spirit LTE Secure Access is a powerful add-on service that is ideal as a failover solution for your primary network, or as a mechanism to extend your MPLS network to remote locations.

Key Features of Spirit LTE Secure Access are:

  • Supports voice, data and Internet communications

  • Suitable as a backup failover solution or as an MPLS extension to remote offices

  • ‘Always on’ seamless failover with managed Layer 2 delivery

  • Flexible design – supports MPLS, Private Line or Internet connections

  • Affordable, easy and fast to deploy – uses customers’ private IP spaces over Spirit’s wireless backup network

  • High availability supported by a lightning-fast nationwide wireless 4G/LTE Network

  • 24/7/365 service from Spirit’s Network Operations Center

  • Mobile Network Mobility that delivers any-site-to-any-site connectivity


Spirit’s fully managed SD-WAN solution simplies branch office networking by providing security, fail-over, application prioritization, and diverse connectivity options.

Spirit’s SD-WAN offering serves as an augment to our MPLS service and allows our customers to bond primary, secondary, and tertiary local broadband, Internet, and wireless connections in order to create a highly available, cost effective, integrated network.



  • Simple Secure Network

  • Deliver Site Agility

  • Optimize Application Performance

  • Reduce Cost



Express Cloud Access bypasses the public Internet and connects your WAN directly to a Cloud Service Provider

Access your cloud service provider (CSP) with the same speed, reliability and security as any other endpoint on your WAN. Express Cloud Access, reaches multiple cloud providers, establishing them as virtual endpoints on your WAN.


  • Performance – Bypasses the public Internet to provide superior performance and reliability

  • Security – A private connection so data is never exposed to the public Internet 

  • Flexibility – Reaches multiple CSPs without the need for a separate physical connection to each provider 

  • Scalability – Configurable connections that are easily increased or changed as your business needs require

  • Cost Efficiency – No additional physical ports needed with existing Spirit network

  • Simplicity – Streamlines network administration by making cloud-based resources available from your existing WAN

Features and Specifications

  • Speeds up to 1Gbps

  • MPLS Secure Connection

  • CSP Available*: 

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365
  • Salesforce 
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • SoftLayer
  • Oracle Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Direct Link
  • Many Others


Public Internet Access Limits Performance of Cloud-Based Software

Your company has cloud-based software and uses the public Internet to access it. Internet congestion and latency regularly affect your cloud access and routinely impact the performance of your cloud-based applications in a negative way. These performance issues must be resolved in order to maintain user productivity. Perhaps your organization is planning a move to the cloud. You need to ensure that once your resources are cloud-based, they will operate with the same availability and user experience as they do today. You cannot afford for either user experience or availability to be subject to unpredictable access to the cloud. And whether your data center applications are already in the cloud or they are heading there, you are most likely concerned about lack of security over the public Internet.


Bypass Public Internet with Direct Cloud Access

To address these concerns, you need a fast and reliable connection to your Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Express Cloud Access service delivers exactly that, with direct connectivity to the cloud that bypasses the public Internet providing security, performance superior to that available on the public Internet. 

* The customer establishes the CSP relationship

Is your network becoming complex to manage? Are valued IT resources being pulled from business critical projects to keep up with the headaches of keeping network equipment operational and up to date?

Today’s networks traverse the world, supporting applications, databases, users, office and customers. Open architectures connect a multitude of devices and networks. Having the right management tools and skills around-the-clock can help reduce the impact to business productivity.

Leverage the value of Spirit Communications IP networking expertise. Spirit Simple LAN Router, Switch, Wi-Fi and Firewall offers an end-to-end service for transitions, hardware support, systems integration, network monitoring and management of your communications infrastructure.

Simple LAN Managed Router

Spirit Simple LAN Managed Router customers benefit from cost savings and relief from operational headache by transitioning the tasks of router configuration, installation, maintenance and repair. Vital IT resources have more time to dedicate to business-critical projects and core business needs.


 Simple LAN Managed Switch

Spirit Simple LAN Managed Switch takes the guess work out of local LAN switch management. Spirit deploys managed Gigabit PoE port switches with the option of 10 Gigabit Fiber based WAN uplinks to allow for optimal speed and efficiency when delivering customer traffic to devices and desktops. 


Simple LAN Managed Wi-Fi AP’s

Growing Wi-Fi demands can be difficult to keep up with and a headache to manage. Spirit Communications Managed Wi-Fi solution simplifies WLAN setup and management. Provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Wi-Fi network are handled by Spirit certified Wi-Fi architects and technicians. Spirit has the tools and expertise to conduct a pre and post site survey of your environment to ensure optimum Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your building or campus.


Simple LAN Managed Firewall

Spirit Communications Premise-Based Firewall Managed Service provides a highly functional layer of security to your network(s). The service is a fully managed solution, which includes hardware, software/firmware, configuration, installation, day-to-day maintenance and management. Our certified SOC (Security Operations Center) Technicians support and proactively monitor network traffic and related threats. Spirit managed security solution access for remote needs and defends against unauthorized connectivity to your LAN(s).

Customer Benefits

  • Installation and Configuration

  • On-going maintenance and upgrades

  • Dynamic routing on LAN and WAN

  • Scale as customers network needs evolve

  • Personalized customer approach from certified technicians and engineers

  • Change Management available for network move, adds or changes

  • Day of failure replacement of hardware

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring, anomaly detection and problem resolution

  • Flexible throughput routing and switching options


Because no two customer environments are the same, Spirit uses a careful, multi-phased, approach to ensure the successful deployment of our Managed Wireless Solution.


Gather Customer Requirements

In an effort to understand exactly how the wireless solution will perform, we work closely with the customer to gather critical information. This information includes details such as scaled floor plans, the number and type of devices requiring access, the types of applications used and their bandwidth requirements, areas of high user density, number of  SSID’s required, security requirements, cosmetic constraints, and an understanding of the existing wired infrastructure.

Analyze Customer's Environment

A Spirit Wi-Fi expert will run a spectrum analysis that allows us to detect any RF energy that could potentially cause interference with the wireless solution design. This helps Spirit’s Wi-Fi expert make informed decisions during critical steps of the design process.

Design Wi-Fi Capacity Requirements

After capturing all of the data points, including Spectrum Analysis, Spirit’s Wi-Fi expert will begin the design process. The first step in this process is to utilize our Wi-Fi capacity planner, which does the “Math”  behind  our designs. The Wi-Fi capacity planner quickly processes a large number of data points. Using it we can determine the total number of access points needed, along with the Internet bandwidth requirements for your environment.

Implement with Predictive Modeling

All of the information compiled to this point, including scaled floor plans, can now be imported into our predictive modeling software that will allow us to “virtually” design the wireless infrastructure. While looking at how signal propagation will occur within the property, our expert also layers on the other requirements gathered during the process, ensuring that our design meets your requirements. The Wi-Fi expert will present you with different tools, such as heat maps, that will help you visualize the solution.

Test with Post-Deployment Survey

Following deployment, Spirit’s Wi-Fi expert will conduct a post- deployment survey confirming that what we predictively designed translates to reality. Like the predictive model, this step utilizes various visual tools.


To view our Spirit Managed Wi-Fi Process Card CLICK HERE 


With Spirit’s MPLS solution, your information never touches the public Internet.

Everything remains on our private fiber-based Carolina network ensuring your data’s security and privacy. We guarantee that your proprietary, sensitive data is fully protected and inaccessible beyond the origination and destination points.

And with our fully redundant network core, you can be confident of the following: 

  • Your data gets to its destination – always

  • A highly scalable, cost-effective connectivity that can grow with your business

  • All of your locations are tied together, enabling a converged private network for voice, data, and video

  • You and your employees can take full advantage of seamless, secure connectivity and business continuity anywhere, anytime

  • You can access mission critical applications, voice (VoIP), video, conferencing, and share Intranets/Extranets whenever and wherever needed


Spirit Communications is a full-service provider of SS7 and AIN database services for the telecommunications industry. 

Our SS7 network is designed to meet the specific needs and service concerns of ILEC, CLEC and wireless communication companies with the flexibility and responsiveness to succeed in today’s marketplace.

We provide: 

  • Local, regional, national and international Signaling System 7 capability.

  • World-class SS7 and AIN database services

  • A network that exceeds the highest industry standards for SS7 networks as mandated by Telcordia and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

  • Technicians who keep abreast of new and evolving technology and pass the benefits along to you.


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