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Our Business By The Numbers



Internet Solutions

Businesses today need fast, reliable access to information in real-time. Whether you are communicating with other businesses, collaborating with remote offices or establishing a marketing presence online - Spirit offers comprehensive Internet services that are flexible, cost-effective and scalable to fit your business needs.

Our Fiber. Our Network.

Our fiber network footprint extends over 20,000 route miles, providing fiber-based connectivity between major data centers, carrier PoPs, cellular towers, enterprise buildings, and more. Spirit has a digital fiber optic network across the Mid-Atlantic and serves areas unreachable by any other carrier.



Enable Your Business

Spirit Fiber empowers your business with a fast, reliable, secure, scalable, powerful and future-proof network. We understand the demanding needs for unified communications in today's business and with Spirit Fiber you will have an elite suite of products and services at your fingertips that will prepare your company for the future success it desires. Spirit Fiber is the sole difference maker in what can be offered in your company’s Voice, Data and Internet solution. 


Metro Markets

• Columbia
• Greenville
• Charleston
• Charlotte
• Wilmington
• Raleigh
• Durham
• Greensboro
• Asheville
• Augusta
• Aiken
• Anderson
• Easley
• Greenwood
• Newberry
• Spartanburg
• Florence
• Orangeburg
• Beckley Micro
• Central PA
• Central VA
• Charleston Metro
• Charlottesville/Culpeper
• Cumberland MD
• Frederick MD
• Greenbrier Micro
• Hagerstown -Martinsburg
• Hampton Roads
• Huntington Metro
• Leesburg Micro
• NC Market
• New River Valley
• Parkersburg Micro
• Piedmont
• Putnam Micro
• Richmond
• Roanoke Valley
• Shenandoah Valley
• Southside VA
• State College
• Winchester
• WV North
• WV Panhandle
• Marietta OH



Spirit Hosted Firewall services provide an industry leading comprehensive, multi-layered, approach to security.

Our offerings work together to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with blended attacks while coordinating security alerting, logging, reporting, compliance and response. Spirit Communications’ Hosted Firewall is designed to help you avoid buying costly hardware and support contracts. Services are delivered on demand in days rather than months with no hidden fees.

Spirit Hosted Firewall is now offered in 3 levels of security: SHIELD - GUARD - FORTIFY

Benefits having Spirit Hosted Firewall:

  • Reduce Cost

  • No Equipment or Hidden Fees

  • Improve Security

  • Simplify Compliance

  • Expert Support

  • 24/7/365 Coverage

  • Peace of Mind

  • One Monthly Bill

  • Logging

  • Reporting

  • Response

Base Shield Package Includes:

  • Policy Defined Traffic Configuration

  • NATing

  • Remote User VPN

  • Content/Web Filtering

  • Geo-Redundant

  •  ALL NEW Spirit Portal

Click Here to ​LEARN MORE about all Hosted Firewall Packages.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can strike at any time with potentially devastating effects to your network.

Spirit Communications’ DDoS Protection Service employs a multi-layered approach to DDoS defense to ensure your organization is safeguarded from both complex, stealthy DDoS attacks, and the very large attacks that can quickly saturate Internet connectivity.


SpiritCom DDoS Edge Protect enables fast response by:

  • Ability to deliver up to 20Gbps of cleaned traffic
  • Automated attack alert email
  • DDoS protection for entire subnets
  • Scrubbing service enabled/disabled by security team/NCC within 30 minutes


Benefits of using SpiritCom DDoS Protection

  • Fast response to threat
  • Deployed at strategic Internet locations
  • Efficient ‘cloud’ mitigation as attack traffic enters our network where capacity is at its greatest
  • Resilient, secure and scalable (Nx10Gps capabilities)
  • Technology from Industry leading DDoS monitoring & mitigation vendor
  • Surgically removes attack traffic without interrupting legitimate traffic


Did you know?

  • There was a 33% increase in the number of DDoS attacks in 2014
  • Availability of better connected and accessible Botnets increases growth of DDoS attacks for many motivations
  • Infrastructure attacks (e.g. flood, state exhaustion) account for ¾ of all attacks
  • Average attack size (Mbps/Gbps) continues to increase
  • Traditional security devices are not designed to cope with DDoS attacks
  • 150 attacks over 100 Gbps reported worldwide in 2014

You can treat the service like a utility

With our solution you will get a predictable monthly bill and no extra or unanticipated capital costs. We bundle all the services you need on a single bill – including all the ingredients required to provide comprehensive Internet services.

Spirit Communications’ solution offers these benefits:

  • You choose from a host of services

  • Plans are flexible and profitable to make your service competitive

  • Network monitoring (24x7x365) ensures uninterrupted service

  • Domain name registration

  • Productivity enhancements such as file sharing, email, streaming, and conferencing

  • Flexible connections from T1s to Ethernet, Mb to Gb

  • Scalable to handle peaks and valleys of demand

  • Reliable quality of service

  • Secure, dedicated private access


Put your email in the cloud

Get cloud-based business email, calendar and contacts, all fully integrated and mobile. Spirit takes care of all installation, maintenance, upgrade and support activities on your behalf for a predictable monthly fee.

The top reasons to choose Spirit’s Cloud Email Service:          

  • Expert migration - Our team will help you move with no downtime and it is included

  • 24/7 support - We are available 24/7/365 to answer your calls

  • Business-grade productivity - unlocks the power of email, calendar and contacts tools

  • Easy business mobility - users can sync their mail, calendar and contacts across any smartphone or tablet

  • Simple-yet-powerful administration - we give you central control over all your users, services, devices and locations with an easy-to-use control panel

  • Worry-free reliability - Spirit offers the highest levels of security and reliability


One-Stop Shop for Hosted Internet Solutions

Whether you already have a domain name registered for your company name or just venturing into an online presence, Spirit Domains has what you are looking for.

Spirit Domains stems from the roots of one of the first and largest domain registry companies in the U.S., Info Avenue® and Info Avenue & Design® were brought under the umbrella of Spirit Communications, owned by SCTG Holdings, in order to offer more of a full service one-stop shop for all Spirit customers. 

Spirit Domains offers the following domain services:

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Spam and Virus Blocking

  • Web Hosting

  • Website Builder

  • IP Addressing

  • E-Commerce

  • Live Support (24/7/365)

  • SSL Certificates


Please Note: Spirit Domains takes reports of abuse seriously. Abuse complaints may be emailed to abuse@spiritdomains.com or by submitting this form: https://www.spiritdomains.com/support/contact-us.php. Upon receipt of such complaints via an email, our team investigates the complaint, including, but not limited to, reviewing web content and or domain name WHOIS contact information. Based on this investigation, we will take appropriate action, including, but not limited to, suspending the domain registration and/or the cooresponding customer account. All such abuse complaints are maintained in a central email box.

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