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    HD Voice’s efficient and cost-effective solutions have the flexibility to expand as technology changes and your business grows.

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    Get the most out of your employees with Spirit Unify, a fully integrated multimedia messaging services for any size business.

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Voice Solutions

With Spirit Voice, you only need one connection for both your data and voice needs, significantly reducing your costs.

Get crystal clear voice with Spirit Communications. Maximizing our extensive network, Spirit Communications offers a range of communications solutions to improve your bottom line and enhance the way you conduct business.

Our voice solutions give you the flexibility and control you want and the quality of service you can rely on. Plus, you are assured a flexible and seamless expansion whenever the need arises.

Need to be able to handle more voice traffic or have more robust calling features?

 Spirit Hosted HD Voice has you covered.

  • Domestic calling plans have no monthly fees or monthly minimums.

  • Long-distance calling comes with one flat rate for all calls, any time of day.

  • International calling plans are simple, cost-effective and reliable.

  • Spirit Hosted HD Voice’s is scalable, efficient, and cost-effective.

  • Our voice solutions use the latest technology and have the flexibility to expand as technology changes and your business grows.

  • Spirit Hosted HD Voice is powered by Spirit’s private and secure network that we manage locally 24/7/365. 


The robust Hosted Voice Applications put all the tools at your fingertips.

Spirit Anywhere - Call Center - Auto Attendant - Voicemail - SpiritVoice/Toolbar - Spirit Unify - My CommPilot - Spirit Assistant - Spirit Receptionist

Benefits of Spirit's Hosted Voice Applications

  • Enables you to connect with employees and customers wherever you are and with as many locations as you need

  • You can access HD voice and data and your phone system’s features anywhere Internet is available using MyCommPilot

  • Spirit Assistant is a web-based call management tool that runs in your browser

  • Saves you on operating expenses, equipment and maintenance costs, and long-distance charges

  • Our network is secure, locally managed and monitored 24/7/365

Spirit Hosted Voice Features

  • Over 100 IP calling features

  • Unified Messaging

  • Find Me—Follow Me

  • Shared Call Appearance

  • Remote Office

  • User-friendly Web portal to access, customize and manage your phone service

Spirit Unify is a suite of fully integrated multimedia messaging services for any size business. 

This single application provides a unified communications experience across tablets, mobile phones, PCs, and laptops including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. 

Benefits of Spirit Unify

  • Brings together all real-time communications services

  • Enables you to access telephony features

  • Send and receive IMs

  • Collaborate with Voice, Video and Desktop Sharing

  • You can work anywhere, from any device, with one single login – and it’s all synced together in the cloud. 

Spirit Unify consists of the Current Features

  • Instant Voicemail

  • Instant Messaging and Presence 

  • Desktop and File Sharing

  • Video Collaboration

  • Meet-Me Conferencing

  • My Room


Spirit’s Enhanced Contact Center is a premiere unified contact center suite.

ECC offers omni-channel web, email, chat and social customer interactions, along with integrated collaboration between your agents and back office subject matter experts through voice, chat and video.

Next Generation tools with Enhanced Contact Center

  • Centralized Queue in the Cloud

  • Centralized Standard Routing Rules

  • Omni-Channel Interaction Routing

  • Comprehensive WFO Suite in a Unified Environment

  • Integration with Existing Systems through Open Standards

  • Screen Pops with Context Data

  • Web Call Backs

  • Centralized Call Monitoring and Recording


The Enhanced Contact Center platform leverages a complex Analyzer to collect the data in ACDs, IVRs, WFOs, outbound campaigns, CRMs and other systems and uses that data to automatically drive the behavior of all contact center agents and systems. 

Our platform provides two analytic methods to determine how to route and distribute interactions and scripts: 

Business Rules Engine – uses pre-defined rules for routing, distribution and scripting based on data such as customer type, interaction type, channel, team, and the skill and performance level of available agents and contact centers.

Predictive Analytics Engine – dynamically routes customer interactions based on machine learning using historical and real-time performance data from multiple customer and contact center systems. Customers and agents are matched based on “context”, such as demographics, customer journey phase, customer value, issue, product, and agent past performance to maximize business outcomes.

  • Real-time Operational Dashboards

  • Scheduled Performance Reports

  • Interactive Customer Engagement Analytics


Bring your customers and Business team together.

You start your meetings whenever you're ready, from wherever you are. No need to call an operator - You’re in charge.

Spirit’s Audio Conferencing

  • Convenient - Initiate calls anytime from anywhere

  • Accessible - No rooms to book, just dial-in and you're ready

  • Secure - Security codes can be assigned to lock-out uninvited participants

  • Reliable - Available 24/7/365

  • Reduce Costs - Save time and travel expenses



Spirit's Web Conferencing

  • You can record and archive your entire meeting–including visuals–for later playback

  • It's quick – It's easy – It's low cost

  • No reservations needed

  • No advance setup

  • No monthly fees – pay only for what you use

  • No additional software or hardware to purchase


Save money by leveraging your Internet connection by simultaneously sharing voice and data on one transport.

Using Internet technology, SIP trunking allows you to cost effectively provide needed calling features while increasing your calling capacity and continue utilizing the services you need from your PBX.

Benefits of SIP trunking

  • You can use your existing Internet bandwidth

  • We can configure your access to meet your needs, giving you added quality and control

  • You select the number of lines/trunks you need and you can add more as your business and needs grow

  • Expansion is easy and unlimited

  • See dramatic savings on local and long distance calls.

Services provided with SIP Trunking

  • Domestic and International Long Distance

  • Dedicated Domestic and International Long Distance

  • Switched Domestic and International Long Distance

  • Toll-free Services

  • Authorization and Account Codes


Put Your Business Services in the Cloud

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